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STERNO Training Videos

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STERNO Training Videos are all about making things easier for our customers through engaging and informative editorial-style video content.

Want to know how to quickly and safely set up a buffet station? You’ll find it here. Ever wonder how to prep an interactive S'mores Action Station? Wonder no more, the video’s here! Be sure to check back soon—we're adding new videos often…

If you have an idea or question and you'd like to see a video response let us know at tsmith@sternocandlelamp.com

——   Sterno   ——

Sterno Featured on Lifetime TV Designing Spaces Holiday Special
Chef Smith demonstrates how to set up a professional looking buffet at home using Sterno products.
Operating Your Sterno Butane Torch
Think our Culinary Torch is just for creme brulee? Think again! See just how versatile our Butane Culinary Torch is…

——   Ambience   ——

Ambience Solutions For The Hospitality Industry

Banquet/Catering Collection Candles
Scrambling to light hundreds of tealights or votives before a major event is a time-consuming and costly inconvenience. With that in mind, we’ve developed the Banquet Catering Collection of Flameless Candles. This line features a wide variety of battery-operated products that will answer our event-related ambience needs in a more convenient, safer and cost-effective way.
Wax Filled Glass Lamps
With the look and feel of traditional candles, Sterno’s Wax Filled Glass Lamps are remarkably lifelike and come in a captivating assortment of colors and designs. The battery-powered flicker effect duplicates the look and feel of traditional filled wax candles and features a realistic faux wick, creating the illusion of a traditional candle even when not illuminated.
Creating Ambience
Ambience makes all the difference . In this video, Chicago Restaurateur Tim Rassmussen shares his thoughts on how he makes lighting decisions for his many restaurants.
Flameless Mirage Flickering Flame Candles
It doesn’t get more real than this! Sterno’s Mirage Flickering Flame Candles feature remarkable light moving technology that creates the ambience of traditional candles. Place these candles anywhere without the risk of lit flames or wax drippings. Available in Real Wax and All Weather varieties.
Creating Ambiance
Creating the right ambience for your restaurant or event takes thoughtful planning. In this video, Chef Richard Chamberlain sat down with us to share how he sets the mood in his nationally recognized restaurants.
MyLamp Pro
Preview what hundreds of different lamps will look like on your tables before making a purchase. See how MyLamp Pro can make your table lighting decision making a snap.
Flameless Real Wax Pillars
Sterno's Real Wax Pillars add instant ambience to any setting. This real wax, battery-operated line of flameless candles delivers lifelike flicker and glow and a realistic faux wick that creates the illusion of a traditional candle even when not illuminated.
Rechargeable Candle Sets
Sterno’s line of Rechargeable Candles feature state-of-the-art Flameless Candle Technology-the perfect solution for breezy condition, high traffic areas and venues with open flame restrictions. They provide convenient, cost-efficient ambience and are stackable to save space.

——   Chafing Fuel   ——

Learn more about Sterno Chafing Fuel and it's endless possibilites for your food service needs!
Sterno Wick Chafing Fuels 101

Sterno manufactures the most comprehensive line of chafing fuels in the Industry. Get a quick look at where to use which wick fuel and when.

Chaferless Buffet Ideas
Here are a couple of great ideas for setting up a buffet without using traditional chafing dishes
Sterno’s Fast Casual Catering Set
Everything you need to get your drop-off catering business off to a running start. Each case includes 9 complete chafing dish sets!
Sterno’s Family of Green Chafing Fuels
Our patented line of “Green” chafing fuels feature USDA Certified Biobased Product formulas that are also endorsed by the Green Restaurant Association. They perform similar to our other Wick and Gel Chafing Fuels, but are made from renewable resources, biodegradable and safe for the environment.
Setting Up a Chafing Dish for Buffet Service
Proper set-up of a chafing dish for buffet service is vital to keeping food in the safe zone. Follow the simple steps outlined in this video to ensure success every time.
Using Sterno Chafing Fuel in Warming Cabinets/Hot Boxes
Warming cabinets or hot boxes are used in nearly every foodservice operation. Here’s a look at the safest and most effective way to use Sterno chafing fuel
Choosing the Right Chafing Fuel
Your guests expect food and beverages to be served at an ideal temperature from the beginning of an event to the end. In this informative video you’ll learn the best fuel choice for every application.
Using Sterno Chafing Fuel in Banquet Carts
Banquet Carts are one of the most widely used food holding applications in the foodservice industry. Learn which Sterno fuel to use and how to keep your food and your staff safe.
Sterno Chafing Fuel Safety Tips
Safety is our number 1 concern. This video has all the info you need to keep your operation safe and running smoothly.

——   FAQs   ——

Sterno FAQs Volume 2
Starting a drop-off catering business? Want to know the safest and easiest way to open and snuff Sterno? Love S’mores? Then this video is for you!
Sterno Chafing Fuel FAQs Part 1
Ever wonder what’s the best fuel to use for your event? Or how to use chafing fuel with a non-traditional chafing device? Then this is the video for you! In this first in a series of videos on the subject, we will cover everything you ever wanted to know about portable warming!
How to Safely Operate Your Sterno Butane Stove
Butane stoves are one of the greatest products that any foodservice professional can have in their kitchen, but the proper use of them is very important. This video is designed to help you and your staff understand the effective, proper, and safe use of butane stoves. It is important to note that this product is designed for indoor use in restaurants and outdoor use as a camp stove.
Sterno FAQ Volume 3
Time for another edition of questions we get most often. In this edition you will learn about banquet carts, the difference between wick and gel fuels, and how to keep your food in chafing dish hot, visible and accessible to your guest.

——   Product Introductions   ——

Product Introductions
How Grilling a Feast with Sterno Charcoal Lighter
This is How Grilling a Feast with Sterno Charcoal Lighter is done at the Don Strange Ranch
Culinary Jet
Join Thaddaeus Smith, Executive Chef of Sterno, on a guided tour of Sterno's new product: the Culinary Jet. While it is not a replacement for chafing fuel, this innovative new product is great for all sorts of applications, from warming sauces, fondue, and many other uses.
S’Mores Innovations
Adore S’mores? Of course you do! This video shows 2 great techniques your guests will love…
Introducing the Sterno Snoppener
The Sterno Snoppener is the last tool you’ll need to Snuff & Open all your Sterno Brand chafing fuel and portable warming products!
Introducing Interchangeable Lamps
Our new line of Interchangeable Lamps are as versatile as they are beautiful. With five different colored inserts you can change the look of your table lighting in seconds. It’s like getting five lamps for the the price of one!
Introducing The WindGuard Fold-Away Chafer
Perfect for indoor or outdoor use, this stainless steel chafer folds flat to 1.75”. See how this wind-proof,rust-proof chafer will change the way you think about chafing dishes.
Introducing Sterno’s Line of Butane Stoves
Check out our full-line of butane stoves. Along with our 7,000BTU and 9,000BTU stoves we now offer a high performance 15,000BTU version with a Wind-Block attachment.
ClearDome Chafer Lid

Keeping food in a chafing dish hot, visible, and accessible to guests is the key to success for any catered event. The ClearDome Chafer Lid delivers on all three. See how you can make your next event a success!

Portable Warming, Cooking & Ambience Solutions for the Hospitality Industry
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